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Best Legal Services

Online legal services help you with a variety of legal matters, including forming a company, filing tax returns, and changing your business name or address. They also have templates for rental contracts, writing a will, and other legal documents.

Some of the best online legal services offer unlimited consultations. Others have fixed price plans. Incfile, for example, offers a comprehensive package that includes the name search and registration process and registered agent service.


Avvo is a consumer information website that specializes in providing attorney profiles and a rating system. It has a number of services that can help attorneys grow their practice and reach new clients. The company also offers a variety of advertising opportunities. However, these services may not be suitable for every law firm. It is important to weigh the benefits of each option before making a decision.

Lawyers can choose to pay for Avvo ads, which will increase their visibility on the site and improve their chances of getting referrals. They can also choose to use the Q&A section of Avvo to answer questions from potential clients. While this doesn’t necessarily boost an attorney’s Avvo rating, it can create an opportunity to convert a prospective client into a fee-generating client.

Avvo’s ratings are based on a number of factors, including public data and peer endorsements. The company’s rating system is not perfect, but it does give potential clients a good idea of an attorney’s experience and reputation. The website also includes information on the types of cases that an attorney has handled and the results. It is important to note that the Avvo ratings do not take into account whether an attorney is currently representing a client or not.

Another way that Avvo helps lawyers is by letting them know when they have received a review from a real client. They will send the attorney a notification that they have received a review, and the attorney can respond to it. Avvo also manually reviews each review to make sure it follows the company’s community guidelines. This helps to ensure that the reviews are honest and helpful for consumers.

Attorneys should try to claim their Avvo profiles and complete them as thoroughly as possible. They should also list any awards they have received in order to raise their profile. Avvo has acknowledged that it values awards, so it is important to list them in your profile. It is also a good idea to include any memberships or affiliations you have, as these will boost your profile.


LegalZoom is one of the pioneers within the online legal services industry. They have been around for over 20 years and have built a solid reputation. This is why they are able to charge higher prices for their services than some of their competitors, but still manage to retain many customers. They have an excellent track record in delivering legal services and are constantly working on improving their service model. The company offers a variety of different services, including business formation and intellectual property protection. It also offers a Business Advisory Plan, which gives businesses year-round attorney help for an affordable monthly fee.

The Business Advisory Plan includes help with contracts and agreements, legal forms, copyrights, and other issues that affect the success of a business. It is far more cost-effective than purchasing individual legal services from LegalZoom, and provides greater consistency than one-off consultations with lawyers. Its customer support hours are also longer than those of most competitors.

Unlike some other companies that have a limited number of available attorneys, LegalZoom has several teams of attorneys on staff. They are well-trained to assist customers with a wide range of legal and business concerns. These teams work together to ensure that the best solutions are found for each customer.

In addition to their expansive legal team, LegalZoom also has a great library of legal documents and forms. This makes it easy for small business owners to find what they need and get it quickly. This is a major benefit for any small business owner, who can save time and money by using this service.

Another area where LegalZoom excels is in its ability to provide step-by-step instructions and assistance to new business owners. This is an important feature for any business startup and can save a company hundreds of dollars in legal fees. Moreover, the legal services provided by LegalZoom are backed by a money-back guarantee.

One of the more popular services offered by LegalZoom is the LLC Formation service. This service can be completed in just six steps, and helps business owners to start a company quickly. The service even includes an operating agreement. LegalZoom also offers help with other business-related matters, such as trademark and copyright registration, and obtaining an EIN.


LegalMatch is a service that helps individuals find a lawyer who can assist them with their legal needs. It is free to use and provides a convenient way to connect with an attorney. The website also offers a wealth of information about different types of law.

LegalMatch’s process begins when a potential client posts their case on the site. They then answer a series of questions that are similar to those asked by a lawyer during a consultation. The answers to these questions are then reviewed by lawyers who specialize in the field of law in which the case is being submitted. The lawyers are then informed if they would be interested in the case. If the attorney is interested, they will contact the potential client to discuss it further.

The site also allows people to choose which level of experience they would like the lawyer to have. For example, someone with a relatively simple issue may want to only hear proposals from recently licensed attorneys with less than five years of experience who bill at lower rates. On the other hand, a more complicated issue might require a more experienced lawyer who bills at higher rates.

Attorneys who subscribe to LegalMatch are required to be in good standing with their state bar associations at the time they sign up. However, it is not possible for LegalMatch to monitor or continuously review the status of these attorneys. This is why it is important for potential clients to conduct their own due diligence on attorneys they are considering hiring.

If you’re an attorney who wants to attract more clients, email marketing is a great tool to have in your arsenal. Emails can be sent out automatically and on a schedule, saving you the hassle of having to do it manually. In addition, email marketing can help you stay top of mind with your existing clients and generate referrals from past clients.

One drawback to this type of marketing is the amount of work it takes to manage and optimize it. However, if you’re willing to invest the time and effort, it can be an effective method for growing your practice.


Incfile offers a wide range of services, including LLC formation and Registered Agent service. Their fees are very affordable, and they are a great alternative to hiring a lawyer. They also offer an easy-to-use website and customer support.

Their services include filing forms for S or C corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), and nonprofits. They will also run a business name search and check for local, state, and federal licenses. They also serve as your registered agent, accepting official mail and legal papers on your behalf. They will send you a digital copy of each document they receive, so you can easily access them online.

Unlike some competitors, Incfile’s processing turnaround is very fast. They usually have your paperwork sent to the state within one business day. This is a huge benefit over other providers, who can take up to a week to process your documents. In addition, they don’t charge extra for expedited processing.

Incorpfile also offers a wide selection of helpful guides and documents for business owners. Their website has dedicated pages for each entity type, and an interactive quiz that can help a prospective business owner understand the benefits and drawbacks of different entities. Their customer service is also excellent. Their phone lines are open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the week, and they have a helpful live chat feature.

Incfile’s prices are competitive and their value-added features are worth the cost. Their cheapest package starts at $0, which is lower than the price of some of their competitor’s offerings. They also provide a range of add-ons for additional services, including legal and tax advice.

While Incfile has a lot to offer, they have some negative reviews. Many of these complaints focus on the quality of their customer service, with many people not being able to contact a human representative or having their calls go unanswered. They also have very limited hours of operation, which can be a problem for businesses that require assistance on a weekend. Despite these concerns, Incfile is still a good choice for small businesses looking to start their own company.